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Good PR gets conversations started, and creates “buzz.”  Water cooler talk and other informal meetings repeat and reinforce your messages.  People place trust in their colleagues, which helps to sell your messages.

 •  PR provides the best return for your marketing dollar. 
Consider taking out an advertisement in the publication of your choice.  What is the cost of that ad?  Effective PR efforts result in editorial presence in choice publications that occupy comparable space.  The value of that space is easy to compare to the cost of advertising.  Compared to fees paid for PR efforts, you can see that PR presents a very cost-effective way of messaging.  (Similar comparisons will hold true for broadcast or internet advertising.)

 •  PR helps in branding new products.
What better way to distinguish your products than having them written about?  You can establish your niche market with testimonials, statistics and slogans—which can appear in any publication or in any interview. These visuals will help cement an identity for you and yours.

 •  PR implies credibility.
The public has become savvy to advertising claims, and people often mistrust what they read in ads.  However, readers and listeners place confidence in the media, and articles and interviews that appear in their favorite media forms have great value. These articles and segments appear with an implied endorsement in many cases because the reader/viewer transfers trust in the publication or show to the product or service discussed.

•  PR creates opportunities for direct and personal communication with a wide range of individuals—and the as long as the conversations continue, your message continues to have life.


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